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Therese Raphael

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Boris Johnson is Humbled by a 22-Year-Old Footballer

Some sports stars dazzle on the pitch or earn headlines for their afterhours antics.

Covid-19 Hits the Old Hardest, But the Healthy Longest

Before he had Covid-19, Brendan Delaney, the 57-year-old chair of medical informatics and decision m

Boris Johnson's Covid Case Has Echoes for Trump

When Boris Johnson announced on March 27 that he’d tested positive for Covid-19, Brits were in shock

How Boris Johnson Can Save London

Getting English kids back into school this week isn’t just about them.

Boris and COVID Could Be the End of the UK

Britain, it’s said, has had the worst of both worlds when it comes to the coronavirus.

It’s Not Just Anti-Vaxxers Who Worry About Vaccines

With any luck, one of the handful of promising Covid-19 vaccines currently going through human trial

Winter Is Coming for Boris Johnson

Winter is coming, but which one?

Britain’s Coronavirus Quarantine Won’t Fly

Just as coronavirus infections weaken, European countries lift foreign travel restrictions and peopl

Why Boris Johnson Is Stuck in Lockdown Mode

Rival soccer teams in Germany’s Bundesliga clash in an empty stadium, Italians meet for socially dis

Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Response Fails Better

Governments are seldom good at radically changing existing systems, much less inventing new ones and

Brexit Is Back. Even Covid-19 Can't Stop It

The coronavirus pandemic has closed schools, shuttered restaurants, emptied office buildings, put Pr

Britain's Government Wasn’t Built for a Coronavirus Crisis

After 10 days of persistent symptoms, Boris Johnson is the first leader of a major country to be h

Hospitals Are Losing the Coronavirus Battle

In the past week, four UK doctors have died from Covid-19; the youngest was 55.

For British Politics, 2019 Meant Three Funerals and a Wedding

“I wish I could skip to the end of the book to know what happens,” a colleague said in passing, duri

Johnson’s Brexit is more ‘Slow Deal’ than ‘No Deal’

The financial markets had a rude awakening on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s first day back at the o


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