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Tyler Cowen

Tyler Cowen

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Not Even Herd Immunity Can Fully Protect Us

The question of herd immunity — specifically, whether some cities and regions are acquiring it soone

Artificial Intelligence Is the Hope 2020 Needs

This year is likely to be remembered for the Covid-19 pandemic and for a significant presidential el

How Much Is a College Campus Worth?

A university campus in Vermont has come up for auction.

The Coronavirus Will Create a New Kind of Tourist

Eventually the lockdowns will ease and public life will become somewhat safer, even though a vaccine

America is Returning to 1781

Covid-19 is not just changing Americans' daily lives, it may also transform their system of governme

The Coronavirus Will Usher in a New Era of Entertainment

First the NBA postponed its season, with no immediate resumption in sight, and then March Madness wa

How Fast Can a Virus Destroy a Supply Chain?

The global supply chain, already under pressure from President Donald Trump’s trade war, now faces f

Coronavirus Would Be Worse Without the Web

For all the bashing directed at technology nowadays, it is noteworthy that so far the internet has p

The Internet and Mass Protests

The world increasingly finds itself under protest.

How a Labor Shortage Could Explain Negative Interest Rates

The amount of debt paying a negative yield now stands at a staggering $17 trillion worldwide.

Italy’s Economic Rot Is Europe’s Problem, Too

As I am spending the week in Italy, my thoughts have naturally turned to the topic of economic growt

What the US-China Trade War Is Really About

During my recent travels in Taiwan and China, I was asked repeatedly: What does America really want

America Isn’t as Divided as It Looks

If I had to describe 2019 so far, I would characterize it as The Year Political Polarization Started

Yes, the Internet Can Make Us Happier

Most critiques of online activity and social media are neither rigorous nor helpful — by which I mea

A Nuclear First Strike Should Still Be an Option for America

Democrats in the US House and Senate introduced legislation last week to prevent the US from using n


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