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Arab World Lebanon’s caretaker Interior Minister Bassam Al-Mawlawi. (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Lebanon’s Interior Minister to Asharq Al-Awsat: Our Country Is Not For Sale

Lebanon’s caretaker Interior Minister Bassam Al-Mawlawi said his country “is not for sale,” and that it rejects financial “enticement” to settle displaced…

Michel Abou Najm (Paris)
World Western leaders commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings in northern France on Thursday (EPA)

Western Leaders Gather to Celebrate D-Day in Normandy

Western leaders gathered Thursday in southwestern France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings, which led to victory over Nazi Germany…

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World Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi receives the Nigerien Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation in January. (Iranian Presidency)

Western Fears Arise of Iran’s Access to Nigerien Uranium with Russian Support

New information circulated about Iran’s endeavor to reach a deal with Niger, under which it would buy at least 300 tons of the so-called “yellowcake uranium”…

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World Rafael Grossi speaking on May 7 at Vienna Airport after his return from Tehran. (EPA)

Iran’s Nuclear File Returns to the Forefront

Iran’s nuclear file has returned to the forefront, with the approaching regular meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency's governors, next month, in…

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Arab World French President Emmanuel Macron receives caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati. (Dalati & Nohra)

Macron Determined to Help Lebanon

French President Emmanuel Macron has returned to taking a personal and direct interest in the Lebanese file, despite the many disappointments that his efforts…

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Features French President Emmanuel Macron welcomes the President of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, during the Paris conference, May 17, 2021 (AFP)

Sudan Paris Conference Takes Place Monday in Absence of Conflict Parties

Paris is finalizing a double event slated for Monday, April 15, focusing on the Sudanese situation from both political and humanitarian angles. Organized in…

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Arab World Displaced Sudanese children play near tents at a camp in southern Gadaref state for people who fled Khartoum and Jazira states, in war-torn Sudan, on March 20, 2024. (AFP)

Sudanese Diplomat Criticizes His Country’s Absence from Paris Conference

Sudan’s ambassador to France Dr. Khaled Farah expressed his surprise and condemnation at the absence of his government from a conference in Paris that will…

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Features Ghassan Salame. (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Ghassan Salame to Asharq Al-Awsat: US Remains World’s Superpower, but its Ability to Rein in Rivals Is Waning

Veteran Lebanese diplomat Ghassan Salame published a new book covering world developments and crises in the 21st century. Published in French by Fayard, “The…

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