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Arab World A UNIFIL patrol in the town of Barj al-Muluk in southern Lebanon (DPA)

Lebanon Awaits UNIFIL Extension Draft, Seeks No Amendments

Lebanon is awaiting a draft resolution from France to extend the UN peacekeeping mission in the south (UNIFIL) without changes, amid talks with key…

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Arab World Lebanese citizens remove the debris of the car of a leader of Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya who was targeted by Israel in eastern Lebanon. (AFP)

Israel Takes Advantage of Hezbollah’s Security Gap to Carry Out Assassinations

The ongoing Israeli assassinations of Hezbollah fighters and leaders highlight a security and technological gap that the party has been unable to address. On…

Nazeer Rida
Arab World Parolin, al-Rai and other officials during the meeting at Bkirki. (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Shiite Forces Boycott Meeting with Vatican Secretary on Lebanon’s Presidential Crisis

Representatives of Lebanon's Supreme Islamic Shiite Council and Shiite deputies boycotted a meeting of the heads of sects and parliamentary blocs with Vatican…

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Arab World Hezbollah members are seen at a military drill during a media tour in Armata, Lebanon. (Reuters)

Proliferation of Arms among ‘Resistance’ Factions Fighting Israel Adds to Lebanon’s Security Fears

The military activity of five Lebanese and Palestinian factions in southern Lebanon has raised concerns in Lebanon over the post-war phase when the country…

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Arab World MP Jihad Al-Samad (NNA)

Lebanon Likely to Postpone Municipal Elections for 3rd Time amid Political Division

The Lebanese Parliament is scheduled to convene next week to discuss the postponement of the municipal elections for the third time in a row. The term of…

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Arab World Partisans of the Lebanese Forces block the main Jbeil-Beirut highway to protest the killing of LF official Pascal Sleiman in the Jbeil area, on April 8, 2024. (AFP)

Lebanese Army: Pascal Sleiman Killed by His Abductors and Taken to Syria

The Lebanese army announced on Monday the killing of Pascal Sleiman, the Lebanese Forces coordinator in Jbeil who was kidnapped on Sunday. He was killed by…

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Features Emergency responders dig through the rubble of a building after an Israeli strike on a house in the Lebanese town of Marjayoun on April 5, 2024, during a cross-border exchange between Lebanon and Israel. (Photo by Rabih DAHER / AFP)

Empty Villages in Southern Lebanon and Israeli Destruction Along Border

Lebanese resident Mohammed, 37, took advantage of a recent funeral announcement in his hometown of Khiam to return after leaving five months ago. He felt safer…

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Arab World Students supporting Hezbollah at the Lebanese University carry pictures of members killed in the battle against Israel. (AP)

Hezbollah Deaths in South Lebanon Exceed 2006 War's Toll

The number of Hezbollah fighters who died in the ongoing war in South Lebanon exceeded the figures announced in the July 2006 war, despite the significant…

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