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Protests in Beirut's Southern Suburb against Hezbollah

Protests in Beirut's Southern Suburb against Hezbollah

Thursday, 26 October, 2017 - 08:30
Protests in Beirut's Southern Suburb (NNA)

Beirut's southern suburb witnessed on Wednesday a mutiny against Hezbollah following a police raid against unlicensed street vendors in Hay el-Sellom area. Angry residents poured into the streets cursing the party and its Secretary General during live broadcast accusing him of focusing on Syria and sending young men to die there at the expense of the country and poor citizens' priorities.

Early Wednesday morning, internal security forces raided Hay el-Sellom neighborhood following the municipality's decision to destroy unlicensed shops. Bulldozers took down shacks where vendors mainly sold coffee and mobile phones, which provoked the residents and shop owners who poured into the streets, burning tires and blocking some roads to prevent the police from approaching their properties.

TV Channels aired the incident live as residents accused Hezbollah of the damage. Many also posted on their social media accounts and cursed the party and its secretary general.

During the live broadcast, one owner cursed the party and Nasrallah personally, accusing him of sending the party's fighters to die in Syria while ignoring the poor in Lebanon. The owner considered that Nasrallah's main concern is the Persian agenda and not the needy and underprivileged.

Co-director of Umam, Luqman Salim stated that the audacity to curse Hezbollah and its leader doesn't matter, but rather the reason behind such statements. He pointed out that there are several social categories within the party's environment and the important thing is that Hezbollah is not concerned with people's interests and livelihood.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, Salim who is a Shiite politician, wondered whether it is a coincidence that two incidents occur within two days in the suburb. He added that southern suburb is not "okay", predicting increased number of suppressed “explosions”.

Meanwhile, “Nidaa al-Dawla wal Muwatana” stated that the incidents in Beirut’s southern suburb is not acceptable in any way or form and was covered by Hezbollah and Amal Movement. The group considered both parties responsible for what happened.

The group is comprised of several political, media and social figures opposing to Hezbollah and it believed that culture of illegality is the result of Hezbollah and Amal’s concept that Shiite citizens are above the law.

“Nidaa al-Dawla wal Muwatana” announced that it supports the poor and underprivileged people and called upon the three president, government, and parliament to find a peaceful and gradual solution that neither undermines the state nor shuts down and displaces thousands of families.

The group asked the protesters to avoid the abusive language and taking the cases personally, arguing that their voices will be heard during elections and polls and not TV channels.

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