Youssef Diab
Arab World Children playing in a shelter center for displaced people in the town of Marwaniyah in South Lebanon (AP)

South Lebanon War Leaves 11,000 Students Out of School

The ongoing clashes in South Lebanon have disrupted the school year, as many students have fled the region with their families, while others are besieged in…

Youssef Diab (Beirut)
Features Mourners carry the coffin of Pascal Sleiman, an official of the Lebanese Forces party, during his funeral in Jbeil, Lebanon, 12 April 2024. (EPA)

Lebanon Recalls Civil War as Latest Unrest Threatens New Strife

Lebanon commemorated on Saturday the 49th anniversary of the Lebanese civil war that erupted on April 13, 1975, and ended in 1990 with the adoption of the Taif…

Youssef Diab (Beirut)
Arab World Hezbollah supporters attend a ceremony in Beirut’s southern suburbs honoring members killed in clashes with Israel. (Reuters)

Disintegration of the State Allows Israeli Mossad to Deeper Infiltrate Lebanon

The Israeli Mossad appears to have breached Lebanon in wake of its economic and financial collapse that have weakened state institutions and its security…

Youssef Diab (Beirut)
Features Israeli airstrikes on Lebanon are intensifying in severity and scope (AP)

Lebanon Front Shifts from Gaza Support to Open Operations

Military actions along the Lebanese-Israeli border are straying from the standard rules of engagement. While Hezbollah avoids large-scale operations to prevent…

Youssef Diab (Beirut)
Arab World Personnel from the General Directorate of State Security (State Security Directorate)

Lebanon: Escape of a Politically Connected Prisoner Embarrasses Authorities

Lebanon’s judiciary kicked off an investigation on Thursday into the escape scandal or "smuggling" of a prisoner from his detention place at the State Security…

Youssef Diab (Beirut)
Arab World Aftermath of the blast at the port of Lebanon’s capital Beirut, on August 5, 2020. (Getty Images/AFP)

Optimism in Lebanon over Resumption of Investigations into Beirut Port Explosion

Acting Cassation Public Prosecutor Judge Jamal Al-Hajjar is expected to discuss with Judge Tariq Bitar the resumption of the investigations into the 2020…

Youssef Diab (Beirut)
Arab World The funeral of one of the members of the Islamic Group in Beirut, Lebanon (AP)

Armed Display at a Funeral in Beirut Sparks Fears of Return to Chaos

Armed groups appearing earlier this week in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, particularly during the funeral procession of a fallen fighter from the “Islamic…

Youssef Diab (Beirut)
Arab World A video clip leaked from a Lebanese prison is circulating about an attempt by prisoners to commit suicide.

Suicide Attempts among Syrian Prisoners Put Lebanon’s Deportation Standards under Scrutiny

Four suicide attempts by Syrian prisoners in Lebanon have cast shadow on the difficult situation in prisons, prompting international human rights organizations…

Youssef Diab (Beirut)