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Saudi Arabia Announces Bounties for 40 Houthi Leaders

Saudi Arabia Announces Bounties for 40 Houthi Leaders

Monday, 6 November, 2017 - 08:45
List of 40 Houthi leaders (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Saudi Arabia announced a list of 40 names of militia leaders and elements responsible for planning, executing and supporting various terrorist activities by Houthi terrorist group. The Kingdom also announced financial rewards of over $430 million for information leading to their arrest or whereabouts.

The list included president of Political Council Saleh Ali al-Sammad, head of Revolutionary Committee of the Houthi armed militia Mohammed Ali Abdulkarim al-Houthi, Zakaria al-Shami, Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim, Abduqalik Bader al-Houthi, Mohammed al-Atifi, Yousef Ahssan al-Madani, Abdulqader al-Shami, Abdurab Jurfan, and Yahya al-Shami where a reward of $20 million had been allocated to anyone who gives information leading to their arrest.

The list also included: Abdulkarim al-Houthi, Yahya al-Houthi, Hassan Zaid, Safar al-Sofi, Mohammed al-Ghumari, Abdulrazaq al-Marouni, Amer al-Marani, Ibrahim al-Shami, Fadhl Motaa', Mohsin al-Hamzi, Ahmad Daghsan, Ahmad Hamid, Talal A'qlan, Abdulilah Hajar, renowned arms dealer Faris Mana'a, Ahmad Aqabat, Abdulatif al-Mahdi, Abdulhakim al-Khywani, Faris al-Saqaf, Mobarak al-Zaydi, Ali al-Razami, Salih Mosfir al-Shaer, Ali al-Moshaki, Mohammad Sharafaldeen, Dhaif-Allah al-Shami, Abu Ali al-Kahlani, and Ali Qarshah. The rewards range between $5 million and $15 million.

The list had been issued based on the Kingdom's commitments to combat terrorism and its sources of financing, fight extremist ideology and its tools and promotion, as well as its continuous action to protect the society from it.

A statement on Saudi Press Agency (SPA) also indicated that the names had been assigned in light of increased terrorist activity by "Houthi group and their continuous endeavor to harm the Kingdom's security with support of the Iranian regime (the sponsor of the all terrorist organizations in the region) and detected bolstering the Houthi terrorist group's cooperation with the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist organization within framework of exchanging expertise and enhancing military capabilities among these terrorist organizations and the use of ballistic missiles in a grave precedent."

These dangerous missiles were made available to these rogue terrorist organizations in a direct threat to the Kingdom's cities which aims at terrorizing the innocent and harming the Kingdom's security, stability, tranquility and public order, according to the statement.

The Kingdom urged "those who own information to contact competent authorities in the Kingdom through the stated safe communication mechanisms which have been designed to protect the secrecy of provided information and the identity of its providers," the statement added.

Earlier, Saudi-led coalition spokesman Colonel Turki al-Maliki said that this list is one of many the Kingdom has of armed terrorist groups including Houthis which insists on "harming Saudi's security and safety of the country with the support of the Iranian regime and Hezbollah."

"The Houthis' dangerous escalation came because of Iranian support," Maliki said in a press conference.

Maliki gave pieces of evidence that prove Iran's involvement in providing Houthis with modern weapons, with the continuous support of Lebanese Hezbollah.

He stated that Houthis launched a missile at Riyadh which was intercepted and fragments of the missile landed in King Khaled International Airport, however air traffic was not disrupted.

"Shattered fragments from the intercepted missile landed in an uninhabited area of the airport and there were no injuries," he assured.

Maliki pointed out that this dangerous escalation would not have been possible hadn't it been for the support of Tehran regime. He explained that the ballistic missile provided by Iran to Houthis were backed by Iranian experts and with the support of Lebanese Hezbollah.

The spokesperson said that those militias are trying to control Bab el-Mandeb which is a dangerous threat to the regional security and stability and international navigation.

Showing the pictures of two ballistic missiles, named “Volcano 1” and “Volcano 2”, Maliki said they are proofs of smuggled ballistic missiles since Yemen didn’t have any before. He added that the Houthis planted nearly 50,000 mines on the border of Saudi Arabia.

He also explained that Iran had provided Houthis with techniques available in "Earthquake" missile that is used anti-aircrafts, however they used it as a ground-to-air missile. He added that the missile had been altered from air-to-air to become ground-to-air and when launched can reach 300 kilometers.

Maliki confirmed that Earthquake missile is only owned by Iran, announcing that coalition had destroyed one missile of that kind that had been prepared to be launched at Nejran border area.

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