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Saudi Arabia’s Quality of Life Program Vs Skeptics

Saudi Arabia’s Quality of Life Program Vs Skeptics

Sunday, 6 May, 2018 - 10:45
Salman Al-Dossary
Salman Al-Dossary is the former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

Saudi Arabia’s Quality of Life program alongside its 234-page executive summary, announced by the Economic and Development Board last week, was a down-to-the-letter exceptionally gratifying read.

Why?! In short, because the program goes beyond a vision and into noting down operational details with clear-cut numbers, specific timelines and initiatives set for fulfilling the ultimate goal of making Saudi Arabia the best place to live in for citizens and residents alike.

The program relies on two axes: the first being the development of the individual's lifestyle and the second being the enhancement of overall quality of life in the kingdom.

Upgrading the local environment so that it offers a new array of options that get citizens and residents involved in cultural, recreational and sporting activities is a part of the program’s plan for developing an individual’s lifestyle in the Kingdom.

On the second hand, widening the scope of activities inside the kingdom, diversifying the economy, and planning for at least three Saudi cities to rank top worldwide, will advance the Kingdom’s agenda on improving the overall quality of life in the kingdom.

Quality of Life 2020 aims to include at least three Saudi cities in the list of the top 100 cities in the world to live in by 2030.

The program isn’t only focused on long-term goals but has set immediate goals to work.

Year 2022 is the deadline for promoting social sports activities, achieving excellence in several regional and global sports, and developing and diversifying recreational opportunities, meeting the needs of the population.

These goals are set to indirectly improve services provided in Saudi cities such as utilities, public transport, and urban landscape, as well as push the establishing of special areas and rehabilitating economic zones.

More so, the initiative is that it is only one of twelve other key programs identified by the Economic and Development Council as strategically vital for Saudi Arabia to achieve the goals of Kingdom Vision 2030.

Implementing programs in Saudi Arabia is being backed with effective cooperation between state ministries and institutions—nationwide, initiatives cannot be achieved if state bodies operate on an isolated-island principal.

In order to achieve satisfactory results on improving main aspects of life, such as infrastructure, transport, housing, urban design, environment, health care, economic and educational opportunities, security and the social environment, progress must be tightly tied to strict performance indicators.

It goes without saying that improving quality of life in Saudi cities will reflect positively on the welfare of citizens and residents, as well as visitors and tourists.

Developing strong infrastructure in Saudi cities, providing comprehensive services, enhancing social interaction, and offering both quality and diverse lifestyle choices are factors that motivate people and enhance social livelihood.

It goes without saying that Saudi Arabia is stepping into an astounding future.

However, some skeptics choose to focus on the obstacles. Pessimists at every corner watch out closely for the smallest misfortunes to put to question the validity of change. They remain hesitant to believe that positive change is actually happening in Saudi Arabia.

It is true that the same people were blaming Saudi Arabia for its steadfastness and lack of flexibility in change, have now become full-time skeptics. They themselves never believed that Saudi Arabia would have a vision and a future project of such astronomical scale.

Nevertheless, doubters aren’t to be blamed-- it is not easy for them to imagine that a new Saudi Arabia is launched and won't slow down until it achieves listed aspirations. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and skeptics will day by day be dismissed with ground-hard facts.

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