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Houthis Accused of Forcing Sanaa Residents to Participate in Their Events

Houthis Accused of Forcing Sanaa Residents to Participate in Their Events

Sunday, 22 September, 2019 - 08:45
Two Yemeni children holding weapons in an armed gathering in Sanaa (AFP)

Houthi militias mobilized on Sunday thousands of followers to celebrate in Bab al-Yemen Square in central Sanaa. The events were held amid tight security measures during which many main routes were closed.

Meanwhile, government officials accused the group's members in the institutions of forcing people to demonstrate.

Houthis have launched an initiative which they claimed was a call to stop the attack against Saudi Arabia.

This includes a call for serious engagement in negotiations leading to comprehensive national reconciliation that does not exclude any of the parties, as claimed by President of the group’s Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat.

In an attempt to lure opponents into the Houthi ranks, the group said it has renewed a “general amnesty” and called on “all individuals and leaders to return to Sanaa.”

Regarding the terrorist acts carried out by the pro-Iranian militias, they claimed to stop targeting Saudi territory using drones and ballistic missiles. They also said they are expecting the Kingdom to declare a similar stance by halting all forms of targeting and aerial bombardment against Houthi-run areas.

Houthis, however, demanded opening Sanaa airport and suspending government measures on the collection of fees for oil derivatives supplied to the port of Hodeidah, in return for the group to continue collecting and depositing them in their account in the Central Bank of Yemen in Hodeidah.

“We welcome moving directly to serious negotiations under a full cease-fire leading to a comprehensive political solution,” the militias claimed.

Despite the group’s alleged amnesty for its opponents, Mashat reiterated that it excludes its abducted prisoners and those it accuses of being involved in treason.

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