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Arab League’s Zaki: Turkish, Iranian Meddling Crossed Red Lines

Arab League’s Zaki: Turkish, Iranian Meddling Crossed Red Lines

Thursday, 21 November, 2019 - 09:00
Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League Hossam Zaki
Cairo - Sawsan Abu Husain

Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League Hossam Zaki described the situation in the Arab world as very delicate and said it requires careful dealing so as not to have external interventions make matters worse.

At the same time, Zaki stressed it was too early to judge the results of protests in Iran and their impact on Lebanon and Iraq.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat Zaki also said that Turkish and Iranian interventions in the affairs of Arab countries have crossed red lines, urging inter-Arab reconciliation.

Zaki defended the performance of the Arab League against the heated criticism it is currently facing.

Speaking about external interference by regional states, such as Iran and Turkey, Zaki said: “The issue of meddling is particularly clear in the case of Iran, because it is evident in the way it has dealt with its Arab neighbors for years: exporting its revolution through creating, arming and using militias in times of crisis or even peace. This has made the atmosphere tense in several countries.”

As for Turkish intervention in the affairs of Arab states, Zaki said: “We have recently spotted a new and alarming course in Turkey’s behavior and it calls for an Arab stance.”

“What these two countries (Iran and Turkey) are doing has crossed all red lines,” he highlighted.

When asked about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent criticism of the Arab League, Zaki said: “The Arab League criticized the Turkish actions, but if the Turkish regime does not want to hear criticism of its practices, that’s up to it; because the Arab League will continue to make clear and explicit decisions on Turkish interventions.”

Erdogan had previously said that the Arab League is taking contradictory blunders as decisions.

On Syria, Zaki said: “The Arab League is prepared to interfere, but the question is whether there is willingness on the part of other parties for the League to play a role in the Syrian file.”

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