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AlUla Launches a Series of Touristic Activities

AlUla Launches a Series of Touristic Activities

Friday, 30 October, 2020 - 12:45

AlUla has officially introduced a host of new services, offering visitors the opportunity to experience life as it had been centuries ago, accompanied by various contemporary entertainment activities and other initiatives that will be rolled out over the next few months.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has unveiled a host of tourist activities that will launch over the next few weeks in AlUla after it opens its doors at the end of this week, when the sites of Hegra, Jabal Ikmah and Dadan will be the first to open.

On their tours of the Hegra sites, tourists will undergo a singular experience, discovering the ancient Nabataeans’ way of life. They will be shown the Hegra’s grandest monuments, including the Tomb of Lihyan son of Kuza, Jabal Ithlib, Al Diwan, Jabal Alhamar.

The tour of the ancient city of Dadan, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of the Lihyanite and Dadanite Empire, allows visitors to enjoy discovering this historical site and feel like an archaeologist for the entire day.

Starting in mid-November, visitors will be able to appreciate the landscapes, rock art, dunes and peaks of the desert on dune buggies. They can also spend the night stargazing at Al-Gharameel rocks and sleep in the outdoor campsite, in a tour guided by experts in ancient astronomy.

The RCU has also announced that other new initiatives will be announced and rolled out soon. For example, starting in December, for the first time, visits will include Rawi tours of Tantora Plaza and views from AlUla citadel, experiencing a bustling souq, handicraft pavilions souvenir shops and new dining options.

The AlUla Secondary School for girls near the old town is being transformed into an arts and traditional crafts hub. Also in December, a series of interactive activities designed to entertain and allow visitors to appreciate the Nabataean Kingdom’s traditions and way of life will be introduced.

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