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Riyadh … The Summit of the World

Riyadh … The Summit of the World

Sunday, 22 November, 2020 - 11:45

A historic event, a summit of the world, and a gathering of the most powerful political and economic group leading the entire planet. It is the G20 Summit that is hosted by the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in the presence of the leaders of the 20 most powerful countries in the world. It is the first time that a summit of such scale is held in the Middle East and the Arab world.

The gathering of the 20 largest and most powerful countries - politically, economically, militarily and culturally - deserves to be named “the summit of the world.” Those countries are responsible for the planet’s present and future, its stability and continuity, its development and progress, in addition to being in charge of confronting the major challenges that hinder its march towards success – challenges of various kinds, severity and impact.

This summit is being held in Riyadh, where ambition is born, visions are raised and the future is drawn, as ancient and modern history has become a torch illuminating the path of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, on the Arab and Islamic levels, regionally and internationally.

It’s a summit that represents a link in the series of dazzling achievements made in the past three years, and which will continue in the future. The plans are announced and the results speak for themselves.

In this exceptional year in the history of mankind, no voice is louder than that of the coronavirus, which has struck the world and people, affected politics and weakened economies.

This year, Saudi Arabia is leading the G20 Summit. The leader is a pioneer who fulfills his pledges. Saudi Arabia organized a summit last March to enhance the seriousness and process of confronting this deadly virus. A second summit is currently taking place in Riyadh. Vaccines have come out with success rates exceeding 90 percent. Following this great human achievement, the summit will support methods and means to fairly distribute the vaccine to billions of people.

The economy is the backbone of life. Countries that are economically strongest are qualified to lead the present and the future. The G20 Summit represents more than 80 percent of the world’s economy. The leaders at the Riyadh summit are facing major challenges that are not only limited to Covid-19. The world is now delving into plans and strategies to curb its repercussions.

The issue is only a matter of time. The most important challenge today is how can the world restore its economic revival again? And how can the G20 countries guarantee this recovery in a short time and in successful and effective ways? This is the biggest challenge facing today’s summit.

Economic collapses bring down states, generate chaos and terrorism, stir up wars, and omen dark days for all humanity. Hence, the importance of the summit lies in designing a better future, ensuring the success of the solutions and absorbing the risks that threaten the failure of the economy.

The future of the planet and mankind depend greatly on the outputs of a summit of this magnitude and influence. If the G20 could not do so, then no one would.

For the sake of the above, everyone is attending this summit. Major international and regional organizations, civil society institutions, the media, as well as a number of countries from outside the G20, which are customarily invited to attend. These countries vary and change from one summit to another.

On the sidelines of the Leaders’ Summit, many forums, dialogues and meetings are held to address the most important challenges facing the planet and the best solutions and strategies. Many working papers and innovative ideas are presented in various fields. The place, which brings together world leaders, also hosts experts and innovators who put forward plans that benefit the mankind.

The media effort exerted to cover the summit is remarkable. Without valuable media, many successes go unheeded, as it is important for the world to know the extent of the energies deployed to organize an exceptional summit at an exceptional time. In fact, the first method of awareness is knowledge that is based on information.

The summit is a new Arab medal presented by Saudi Arabia to Arab and Muslim countries and peoples. It clearly reveals the country behind leadership and reconciliation, which defends the interests of the world and affirms its steadfast stances to protect the stability of states and reject chaos and terrorism.

This highly-important summit comes as the world is witnessing major changes. The United States - Saudi Arabia’s strongest ally - is entering a new phase of democratic rule. It is hoped that it will be better than its recent predecessor… that history will return to its natural course, and the alliance that has existed for many decades will persist, away from the unthinkable adventures.

The summit is held as the European countries are seeing an unprecedented movement to confront the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood, political Islam and the religious violence associated with it. For the first time in history, some of these countries showed a real awareness of the danger of these groups, after they had been using them for decades as a political tool to pressure Arab and Islamic countries. These extremists have become a threat to these countries from within and are working to undermine and destroy their societies.

Years ago, these groups began to recede after the Obama administration supported them for rule and power in a number of Arab countries. The distinguishing mark of this decline was that Arab countries went directly to the source of the disease, the root of terrorism and the source of evil: the Muslim Brotherhood. They classified it as a terrorist organization and pursued it by the force of law. This was a major political event of a big impact.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a bloody racist Nazi group that possesses a comprehensive political agenda to burn the world by any means and method.

In the past, the world kept silence about it only to avoid confrontation and to achieve small gains here and there. If the confrontation took place and this group, its ideology and discourse were eliminated, the world would be relieved of countless evils.

Finally, the world summit in Riyadh is a historic moment by all standards, and its results will last for a long time to come.

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