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Al-Azima: Yemen’s Strength Rests in Unity, We Look Forward to Leaving Narrow Interests Behind

Al-Azima: Yemen’s Strength Rests in Unity, We Look Forward to Leaving Narrow Interests Behind

Sunday, 16 January, 2022 - 07:15
Commander of the Joint Forces of the Arab Coalition First Lieutenant-General Mutlaq Al-Azima

Yemen’s Hodeidah port may appear as a gateway for commercial goods and humanitarian assistance, but in fact, it is being used to transfer Iranian weapons, missiles, drones, and destruction machines into the war-torn country, warned the Saudi-led Arab Coalition.

According to the Commander of the Joint Forces of the Arab Coalition, First Lieutenant-General Mutlaq Al-Azima, the port is being used to starting point for booby-trapped vessels as well as for piracy.

The commander’s remarks were made during a meeting with battleground and Arab Coalition leaderships on Saturday.

Al-Azima voiced his appreciation of the Yemeni governorate of Marib, describing it as a “fortress of steadfastness.” He also praised the sacrifices made by the Yemeni Army and the pro-government popular resistance.

He thanked the residents of the governorate of Shabwah for their efforts in clearing the county from Houthis.

Al-Azima explained that the basis of strength lies in the unity of the people of Yemen, and that the continuation of this cohesion and solidarity and the mobilization of energies began in Marib then Shabwah.

“We look forward to leaving narrow interests and self-benefits for the sake of the martyrs and for the happy future of Yemen,” said Al-Azima.

Al-Azima thanked Arab Coalition forces, and said that they are “people of principles who undertook an Arab stance to ward off evil from their brothers in Yemen, as they refuse for Iranian-backed militias to control Yemen and its people.”

The Saudi leader also valued “the position of the United Arab Emirates and its heroic sacrifices next to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Arab Coalition countries supporting legitimacy in Yemen.”

Al-Azima sent a special message to Yemenis in Sanaa, Saada, Amran, Dhamar and all the areas under the control of the Houthi militias.

He urged them not to sacrifice themselves and to refrain from handing over their souls “to those who have no mind, no religion, no thought, no history and no future.”

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