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Sayyid Has Left Us

Sayyid Has Left Us

Saturday, 2 April, 2022 - 07:15

On Friday, Sayyid Ahmed Abdulwahhab, Al Haram’s deputy, passed away. May Allah have mercy on his soul.

He left this world after a long battle with illness and was a true Sayyid in every sense of the word, lineage, deed, and station.

I have known him since my childhood, as a brother and a friend.

He offered lighthearted company, had generous manners and when it comes to speaking, he was always humorous.

He opened his doors to all those who knocked and rolled out feasts to all visitors.

His father, may Allah have mercy on him, represented the Hijaz in the senate during the Ottoman era and held the title of Deputy of Al Haram since then.

He worked in several positions during the Saudi era, and was among the constellation of citizens of the Kingdom of Hejaz and the Kingdom of Najd who demanded the late founding king unifies them into become the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When Sayyid Abdulwahhab died, his son Ahmed was young. The late King Faisal included him in his care, so he grew up and flourished.

Sayyid Ahmed became one of the King’s confidants and was honored to serve the state as head of royal ceremonies.

Initially, he received his education in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, then completed his education in Egypt, and in his youth, he accompanied my mother on her travels, then he undertook supervising my younger sister’s studies in Switzerland.

When he was appointed chief of the royal ceremonies, he brought all the information about this profession from the most prestigious countries and developed its system, taking what fits the traditions and customs of the country as a guide.

Late Kings, under whose banner he worked, assigned him secret missions in some matters in addition to his work.

Sayyid Ahmed was a confidant who did not reveal what he had in his work except what he could reveal, so he was the best of those who gained the trust of Kings.

May Allah have mercy on you, Sayyid Ahmed, and may Allah reward you for every crisis that you complained to your Kings about, and for every smile you drew on every lip.

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