Saleh ِAl-Qallab
Jordanian writer, Former Minister of Information, Minister of Culture and Minister of State. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group

We Are Optimistic About the New Agreement

With all the recent developments and the conclusion of a new Saudi-Iranian agreement, which had not been expected in truth, it could be said that this is a "warrior's break" at best. From both recent and older bitter experiences, we have seen that our Iranian brothers often say one thing and do another... I pray that I am wrong, and I say this although I had been among the first to arrive in Tehran after the Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, was deracinated from his roots.

However, this overwhelming sense of anticipation was engendered by bitter experiences. The fact is that most experiences in this region are as so. How else could we explain everything that has transpired?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not left a stone unturned in its effort to safeguard its territory, the Arab Gulf, and our Arab homeland from all interferences and aggression. It has extended its hand to its Iranian neighbor, seeking consensus and dialogue, as well as to guarantee non-interference and stability across the region. However, it was confronted with a different approach from Iran. Today, we genuinely hope that this Saudi positivity will be met with real Iranian positivity that is reflected on the ground... Perhaps because past experiences have turned us into pessimists, we hope to avoid disappointment.

Today's reality is certainly different from that of yesterday. No one is on the side of the East or the Soviet Union, which is gone forever, nor is anyone on the side of the United States, which has lost its halo... Some even say that it doesn't do much either these days... and that actions and words have shifted eastward, to the People’s Republic of China... the China of Mao Zedong and his comrades.

This discourse might upset what remains of the Soviet Union’s friends and vassals in the Arab world and the Third World. However, the truth is still the truth. And the truth is that the parties that emerged during a fleeting moment in history have vanished, and all that remains is a birthmark on the back of their hand!

This phase in history was, in fact, merely a fleeting summer cloud. It left nothing behind but a few well-intentioned people who believed that Marx and Lenin would certainly return and that graduates of the universities of communist, and socialist countries should prepare themselves for a historical phase that would extend for many years... and in all four corners of the globe.

Thus, we ask, what pray tell is being said now? The comrades of South Yemen, who had been among the kindest and finest of the “leftists,” have gone, and they have unfortunately left nothing behind…As for the “communist comrades,” there is no need to pull any punches in discussing them…They were hit with fragmentation... and whoever wants to examine this claim should look into the historical ties between Syria and Iraq and between South and North Yemen!

The afflictions that befell some Arab countries, to no fault of their own, also befell many Third World countries. The leaders of these communist and leftist parties did not reside in their countries, and rather only visited them for brief stays. Their actual places of residence were the communist and socialist countries; I hope you excuse me for not pointing fingers.

The parties of today are different from those of yesterday. The whole world has changed. The reality today is different from that of yesterday too, and with these changes, partisanship has changed as well. Indeed, if Marx were to rise from the dead, he would find no one to give him a Marxist-Lenninist salute!

Thus, a new world, different from the one that had existed yesterday, has in fact emerged. Today’s generation is different from yesterday’s, and we have to take a different set of facts into account. The entire universe has changed, and therefore, we have no choice but to change with it. Otherwise, the movement of history stops, and the fact is that the movement of history cannot stop... Because if it were to stop, we would find ourselves in a world different from ours, which is undoubtedly moving along with the progress of history.

Going back to the start, China, which led the initiative behind the recent agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran, has become a real and proactive great power that is respected for the role it plays... It has taken the place of the obsolete Soviet Union and now plays a more prominent role than the United States, which is floundering as its policies leave it stumbling.

As is well known- rather, as is certain - the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has done more to ensure security and stability in this volatile region of the world than any other country. It has always been keen on being the vanguard of defending Arab rights and Arab sovereignty when the balance is shifted... Without a doubt, it will continue on this arduous path, as this is the fate that its size, role, and principles dictate.

Today, we welcome the new agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran. We have no choice but to be optimistic and hope that it succeeds. Nonetheless, Iran must now prove that it is committed to the security of the Arab Gulf and the Arab world. It must translate its pledges into positivity and a proactive spirit that ensures all of our shared interests... We ask God to guide Iran’s leaders in that direction.