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Camelia Entekhabifard

Camelia Entekhabifard

Editor-in-chief of the Independent Persian.

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Superstition among Iranians: From the Times of Amir Kabir to the time of Coronavirus

The Iranian supreme leader says that he does not trust the vaccine made by the United States and the

The Transfer of Power From Trump to Biden, the Prospect of the Next Four Years

How long will it take for Biden to gain the trust of tens of millions of dissatisfied citizens?

Iran Threat, Cause of Doha-Riyadh Reconciliation

The focal point of restoring relations and dispute resolution with Qatar is changes that will occur

2021, The year that Iran Reaches Top News Headlines

We must expect extensive and determinant developments in the domestic and international politics of

Taliban Crimes and Incompetence of Officials

For us city dwellers witnessing a Mazda van stop on a main road to shower the city with rockets laun

Iran’s Optimism for a Return to Nuclear Deal Under Biden

In nearly 60 days from now, Joe Biden will inaugurate as the new President of the United States (tha

Trump and the ‘Third Wave’ in the United States

Joe Biden is the victor in the United States presidential election.

Rest Assured, America is Safe and Sound

The excitement or concern over the presidential election day in the US, and the prospect of success

Prince Reza’s 60th Birthday: The Horizon for Iranian Women’s Presence in the Country’s Future

On October 31, Prince Reza Pahlavi, Iran’s former Crown Prince will celebrate his 60th birthday with

The Islamic Republic’s Main Fear is the History of the Iranian People

Iran lost one of its brightest stars of art and music on Friday when world famous maestro and tradit

Trump and Biden and the Two Women on Each Side of the Debate

Hillary Clinton tried her chances for presidency twice (and failed): Once running against Barak Obam

The Abraham Accord: Arab Farewell to Iran

The US presidential election is approaching and it is opined that President Trump’s efforts to broke

Peace Between UAE, Israel Isn’t a Deal About Palestine

Played by political games of Qatar, Turkey, and Iran, the Palestinian leaders have for years looked

Iran’s Voluntary Auction of Water and Soil

In the past week, what was said and heard of the so-called “25-year strategic partnership between Ch

A Mission From Khamenei: Javad Zarif for President?

In about 15 days, on July 14, we reach the fifth anniversary of the Iran Deal: a treaty that promise


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