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Lionel Laurent

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The Covid-19 Vaccine Fight Is Getting Ugly

An effective Covid-19 vaccine, if it ever arrives, should be treated as a public good for the whole

We’ve Lost Time in the Race for a Covid-19 Cure

It’s been three months since the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a public h

Europe Freezes its Economy to Fight the Coronavirus

Like the eye of a hurricane, the epicenter of coronavirus disease Covid-19 has shifted from Asia to

Global Britain Doesn’t Need Free Trade

In late 2016, Liam Fox, then the UK’s secretary of state for international trade — a new job created

Facebook’s Business Model Is What Brussels Hates

It’s not very surprising that Mark Zuckerberg’s state-visit-style trip to Brussels got a pretty chil

Ireland Brings New Twist to Populism

Sinn Fein’s electoral smash in Ireland is a historic moment for a party that has long had difficulty

Don’t Be Fooled by the Friendly Brexit Goodbyes

The Brits are planning a Brexit celebration worthy of a downtrodden colony freed from the shackles

Brussels Prepares for its Next Brexit Punch-up

After a year of gridlock in Westminster that has frustrated the UK’s attempts to leave the European

Emmanuel Macron Can’t Save Boris Johnson

Whoever came up with the Article 50 process for leaving the European Union probably never thought it

Brexit Can Get Much More Toxic From Here

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on the ropes, with his political authority crumbling after the co

Google and Facebook’s Next Big Fight

For many people, it probably sounds a little rich to hear the European Union accuse Silicon Valley o

Brexiters Know a Bad Trade When They See One

Capturing the mood of the public better than pollsters or politicians can win you big money.

The Colossal Price of Theresa May’s Immigration Obsession

Cracking down on immigration is how Theresa May has chosen to interpret the Brexit campaign’s promis

UBS’s Brexit Dog Whistle Is Loud and Clear

Paris, Frankfurt and other European cities are rolling out the red carpet to welcome financiers quit

A Chequers Brexit Won’t Help the Banks

London’s ex-Lehman Brothers bankers who’ve been meeting up for nostalgic drinks have found the conve


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