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Robert Ford

Robert Ford

Robert Ford is a former US ambassador to Syria and Algeria and a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute for Near East Policy in Washington

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Politics Will Cut America’s Military Budget

The year 2020 is difficult for the United States.

Bargaining for Idlib

I was going to write about national day celebrations in America last week in the shadow of our healt

Syrian Sanctions and Despair

The big majority of Americans are watching the protests against racism in American society and they

Is America Kadhimi’s Friend?

After the deaths of over 100,000 Americans from the coronavirus, only a few Americans pay attention

A New Cold War is a Bad Idea

I have seen a lot of discussion here and in other media about a new cold between the United States a

Dinner at the Makhloufs

Rami Makhlouf invited me and my wife to an usual dinner at one of his homes near Damascus in March 2

What is Biden Thinking about the Middle East?

Here in the United States when we are not worrying about coronavirus, we monitor the presidential el

Trump Needs a Confrontation With Iran but Not Too Big

As the world watches the Trump administration’s confrontation with the Iranian government, the Ameri

Turkey and the US before a Dark Tunnel

I didn’t expect the United States to do anything to help Idlib in its struggle against the savage Sy

The Real Reason Behind America’s Control of Syrian Oil

I spent five years in Iraq during the American war there.

3 Basic Facts on Illusion of Syria Constitutional Reform

I like the Arabic expression: “the mountain rumbled and delivered a mouse.” The United Nations Speci

Algeria: The Hammer and The Anvil

Algeria is approaching a crossroads but it is not clear which path it will take between evolution an

Will the US Interfere to Stop the Atrocities in Idlib?

The picture of a young Syrian father trying to reach his daughter and infant son in Idlib province’s

Can We Be Optimistic About Singapore?

On Tuesday we watched the big political show as American President Donald Trump met with People’s De

Pay Attention to What is Happening between the US and its Traditional Allies

It is easy to understand why readers of this newspaper pay very close attention to the many crises i


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