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Robert Ford

Robert Ford

Robert Ford is a former US ambassador to Syria and Algeria and a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute for Near East Policy in Washington

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Biden Arrives and Republicans Play With Fire

This morning on the American national radio network, an American general who was in the Iraq war sai

Is America on the Verge of Winning in Syria?

Last week a senior official from the US Department of State told a congressional committee that the

Biden’s Team and the Party of the Big Tent

Joseph Biden has many challenges and he is not yet in the Oval Office.

After the Election – What Now?

Please remember that legally Biden did not officially win the election yet.

After the Election: Division Not Unity

Americans on Wednesday woke up to some good news: the voting process from Florida to Hawaii went wel

Why is America So Divided?

As next Tuesday’s final day of voting in the American election approaches, there are many fears abou

American Geostrategy Won’t Change Much

The two American presidential candidates have very different personalities, but we should remember t

On Syria, Biden and Trump are Not Very Different

My friend directs a national organization of Muslim-Americans that has officially endorsed Joseph Bi

An Election Not Like the Others in America

Many people are worried about the November 2 election result and its repercussions.

Will Washington Close its Embassy in Baghdad?

I was present at the ceremony for the opening of the new American Embassy in Baghdad on the morning

Trump’s Two Contradictory Messages to Iraq and Syria

Within days the US military will finish withdrawing 2,200 US soldiers from Iraq, as the US commander

A Crisis after the US Elections?

The American presidential elections on Tuesday, November 3 are 55 days away and it is possible still

Trump Will Give Kadhimi Some Time

By one measure, the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Kadhimi to Washington was a success because he mad

Russia in the Syrian Swamp

So many leaders and officials, including me, made serious mistakes working on the Syrian war and we

Politics Will Cut America’s Military Budget

The year 2020 is difficult for the United States.


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