Emile Ameen

‘Expo 2030’... Saudi Diplomacy’s Dynamic Victories

Saudi Arabia has won the bid to organize the oldest and most prestigious international exhibition, the 2030 World Expo, which was first held in London in 1852. This event has drawn a lot of deep discussions that go beyond the glee following the announcement and victory.
Riyadh has achieved this through the successful diplomatic efforts it has made as part of a vision of change and liberation to reach glorious heights. The Kingdom has been engaging with the world without self-deprecation or chauvinism. It has been confident and genuine, demonstrating an ability to innovate, renew, and constructively change.
Just from the logo of the exhibition that will be held in 7 years' time, one can see where the Kingdom is heading, that it is pushing for the realization of sustainable development goals, through what has been called “The Era of Change: Together we anticipate the future.”
Beyond the minutiae of this precious victory, though it is important in any case, a question arises: Are we facing a coincidental, momentary triumph, or is this the result of a well-thought plan and a futuristic vision that has represented a roadmap for the Kingdom, through both words and deeds?'
These remarkable successes are certainly not random. They were achieved as a result of planning and programs, committing to implementation mechanisms, schedules, and deadlines, and the rise of a sincere nation with a government and people working to achieve them.
It's no secret that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia managed to realize this significant victory because of its focus on human capital, which has been put at the forefront of “Vision 2030.” It has produced leaders who recognized the significance of hosting the event and worked to ensure that it happened, turning a dream into reality.
A focus on youth seems to be the cornerstone of Vision 2030, and this was crucial to success. Soon, another global dream will be realized with the Kingdom winning its bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2034.
Saudi Arabia has succeeded in equipping its youths with intellectual skills and capabilities. They are proficient in all fields needed to ensure prosperity adding the “oil rents” that continue to boost growth.
Those shaping Saudi Arabia's future, who have ensured that it hosts global competitions and is striving to make Riyadh one of the top 10 economies in the world, understand that human capital is not only a question of knowledge, skills, abilities, attributes, and characteristics. It also encompasses how individuals can harness what they have learned and utilize their skills productively to grow the economy.
From here, one can see how contemporary Saudi diplomacy, through proactivity and effectiveness, managed to snatch the victory from “Rome, the mother of the world,” as the competing Italians, with all due respect to their imperial history, and from South Korea, with its all of its innovation and development.
Those who followed the speech of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after the announcement of the victory understood the future of the Kingdom. A leading role is on the horizon, and global confidence in Saudi Arabia is accumulating further by the day. This has made the Saudi capital, Riyadh, an ideal destination for major scientific forums, and the Expo is among them.
Nothing is haphazard about the rise of nations, who do so through a deep understanding of the present era. Eras are not with us or against us, as those with one-dimensional thinking imagine. Instead, we are the ones who determine our place in any given era. The circumstances of the era become suitable for movements of change and liberation depending on the extent to which we manage to positively adapt to contemporary conditions and realize the benefits of life's novelties. The reader can understand the civilizational shift underway in the Kingdom this way, as a process integrating the tools of the present era to achieve its renaissance.
The Saudi people have become a rising nation in tune with the developments of the era. It has done so by improving education, health, and the economy, taking them to heights unseen in the history of the Kingdom. The methodology of the Vision is to make optimal use of the state's human resources first, and its natural resources second, and through institutions that believe ”the human being is the cause... the human being is the solution.”
The world awaits an exceptional and unprecedented edition of the Expo in 2030. With Saudi Arabia hosting it, the event could soar to new heights. Perhaps one of the most effective human aspects of this event - and this aligns with the political leadership of the Kingdom's belief in positive and active partnership with other countries - Saudi Arabia is prepared to allocate $353 million to support over 100 developing countries and allow them to participate in the upcoming Riyadh Expo. Moreover, the private sector and non-governmental organizations have committed to providing more support to needy countries - a move that reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to hosting a remarkable and pioneering edition of this international exhibition.
Analyzing the announcement of the victory, some may wonder: Are we looking at a promotional campaign or a pragmatic, in the positive sense of the word, economic movement?
According to trusted economic experts and global analysts, the 'Expo' has economic value for the Kingdom, which is currently seeking to diversify its sources of revenue and reduce reliance on oil.
The Kingdom is preparing for this major event, and many of its platforms will remain on Saudi soil, not just remaining there for the 6 months of the exhibition. That was achieved through 68 initiatives and investments amounting to $92 billion that are intended to make Riyadh one of the most sustainable cities in the world. The organization of the Expo also boosts consumption and purchasing power, which positively reflects on several sectors, especially the service sector.
As we see the following COP 28, which aims to save Earth's climate from the brink of massive ecological changes, Saudi Arabia is making progress on its green initiative for environmental protection and launching billion-tree planting projects.
Day after day, the dynamics of positive change are becoming more evident across Saudi Arabia, heralding a better tomorrow for its people and for the entire world.