Mohammed Khair al-Rawashdeh
Arab World Jordanian security forces fire tear gas against demonstrators attempting to storm the Israeli embassy in the capital Amman, on October 17, 2023. (Mussa HATTAR / AFP)

Jordan Confirms it Thwarted Arms Smuggling Cell

Jordanian security services have thwarted a bid by a foreign state-backed militia to smuggle arms to a cell in the kingdom, an official source quoted by state…

Mohammed Khair al-Rawashdeh (Amman)
Arab World Jordanian King Abdullah II. AP file photo

Jordan Thwarts Relentless Iranian Efforts to Target its Security

Jordanian King Abdullah II affirmed his country’s position on “not allowing Jordan to be a battlefield for any party.” His comments, which came during a…

Mohammed Khair al-Rawashdeh (Amman)
Arab World Faisal Al-Fayez (Jordanian Senate)

Jordan Warns Against Strife, ‘Suspicious Agendas’

Jordan has warned against attempts to distort its position on the war in Gaza, saying that it was confronting a “suspicious movements to sow discord and chaos…

Mohammed Khair al-Rawashdeh (Amman)
Arab World Protesters clash with security forces in front of the Israeli embassy in Amman in October 2023. (AFP)

Iraq Rejects Violation of Jordan’s Sovereignty in Wake of Kataib Hezbollah Threats

The pro-Iran Kataib Hezbollah faction in Iraq “vowed to supply Jordanian fighters with weapons” to defend “our brothers in Palestine.” A security official…

Hamza Mustafa (Baghdad) Mohammed Khair al-Rawashdeh (Amman)
Arab World The Jordanian King, accompanied by military leaders, monitored the delivery of aid to the residents of Gaza on Tuesday. (Military Media)

Jordan’s King Participates in Gaza Aid Airdrop

Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Tuesday participated in an airdrop of humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, according to the military. "Six C130 aircraft,…

Mohammed Khair al-Rawashdeh (Amman)
Arab World Jordanian army patrols along the border with Syria to prevent drug smuggling (File photo: AFP)

Jordan: 5 Smugglers Killed on Border Hours after Interior Ministers Meeting

Five drug smugglers were killed and four others injured during a foiled attempt to smuggle large quantities of drugs into Jordan from Syria, the Jordanian…

Mohammed Khair al-Rawashdeh (Amman)
Arab World Jordanian soldiers patrolling along the border with Syria to prevent drug trafficking. (AFP)

Jordan Downplays Syria's Justifications after Drug Smuggling Intel

Jordan downplayed the statements of the Syrian Foreign Ministry in the aftermath of airstrikes that targeted “drug dealers” in Syrian territory. Jordanian…

Mohammed Khair al-Rawashdeh (Amman)
Features An army patrol is deployed at the Jordan border to combat drug smuggling from Syria in April 2023. (AFP)

Detainees Reveal Details of Drug Smuggling Operations from Syria to Jordan

Jordan has intensified its confrontation against drugs smugglers from Syria. Informed sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that the army was adopting a new…

Mohammed Khair al-Rawashdeh (Amman)