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Arab World Smoke billows after an Israeli airstrike on a village in southern Lebanon. (AFP)

Hezbollah Leads Fighting in South after Lebanese, Palestinian Factions Step Back

Attacks by Lebanese and Palestinian factions in southern Lebanon against Israel have decreased in recent weeks compared to how active they were in wake of…

Paula Astih (Beirut)
Arab World Lebanese soldiers are seen at the Lebanese-Israeli border. (Lebanese Army Command)

Washington Extends for a Month Aid to Support Lebanese Army Salaries

The United States has extended, exceptionally for a single month, its assistance to support the salaries of members of the Lebanese Army, informed sources told…

Paula Astih (Beirut)
Arab World A firefighter cleans the site of the attack in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon (Reuters)

Hamas Security Leaders Find Shelter in Beirut’s Southern Suburbs

After the killing of Hamas deputy leader Saleh al-Arouri, concerns arise over the wisdom of placing Hamas offices in residential areas in Beirut’s southern…

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Arab World An armored vehicle of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) patrols in Khiyam plain, near the border with Israel, in Lebanon, 29 December 2023. (EPA)

Hezbollah Worried about Pressure from UNIFIL to Implement Resolution 1701 in S. Lebanon

Tensions between Hezbollah and the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) resurfaced after peacekeeping troops were confronted by locals in the South…

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Features  Smoke billows across the horizon along the hills in the Naqoura area of southern Lebanon following Israeli bombardment from a position along the border in northern Israel on December 24, 2023. (AFP)

Lebanon in 2023: Vacuum and Fears of Destructive War with Israel

The developments in Lebanon in 2023 consolidated the “caretaker state” amid the ongoing vacuum in the presidency. The country’s top post has been vacant…

Paula Astih (Beirut)
Features Smoke rises on the Lebanese side of the border between Israel and Lebanon after an Israeli airstrike, as seen from northern Israel, November 18, 2023. (Reuters)

What Role Does the Lebanese Army Play on the Border with Israel?

The Lebanese army has been playing a limited role in the southern border regions ever since Hezbollah decided to support fighters in Gaza by opening Israel’s…

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Arab World Mourners are seen at the funeral procession of a Hezbollah fighter who was killed in clashes with Israel. (dpa)

Hezbollah Deploys Attack Drones, ‘Burkan’ Missiles in Fight with Israel

Hezbollah has deployed new weapons and tactics in its latest round of fighting with Israel in spite of its limited involvement in the war in Gaza, confining…

Paula Astih (Beirut)
Features A billboard in Beirut reads: “So that the past doesn’t repeat itself, Lebanon does not want war.” (X platform)

Massive Media Campaign Expresses Opposition to Another War in Lebanon

The toned-down speeches of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah did not reassure the Lebanese people that the Gaza war would not spread to their…

Paula Astih (Beirut)