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‘Southern Revolutionary Movement’ Describes Aden Developments as a Struggle for Power

‘Southern Revolutionary Movement’ Describes Aden Developments as a Struggle for Power

Friday, 23 August, 2019 - 07:30
General view of Aden, Yemen August 12, 2019. (Reuters)

The Supreme Council of the Southern Revolutionary Movement has stressed that the council is closely following the crisis in southern Aden through communicating with all parties to reach calmness.

Head of the council Fouad Rashed called for calm, not to spur the southern struggle and achieve everyone's joint goal which is to face the Iranian supported-Houthi insurgency to reach negotiations.

Rashed warned in statements to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that favoring a southern bloc no matter how much arms and popularity it owned would spark a struggle in different forms.

Preferring a southern bloc would push other southern components to find a military arm, said Rashed, adding that Saudi Arabia is the most entitled to accommodate all of the southerners and it is capable of this because it's a huge country and it leads the coalition to find one southern platform.

The head of the supreme council noted that there is continuous communication with the Southern Transitional Council (STC) for the sake of reaching calmness, following recent events in Aden and several southern provinces.

At the same time, he criticized mandating the STC during the demonstration of millions in 2017. Rashed stated that the supreme council called for several demonstrations and never snatched a mandate.

Since 2007, the supreme council had been defending the southern case through peaceful struggle and not relying on arms or forming a military arm, said Rashed. In 2015, the council participated in confronting Houthis and many leaders fell as martyrs or were wounded, he added.

Yet after the victory and liberating Aden, the supreme council handed out the weapons and resumed its work. Rashed expressed rejection to any southern struggle and described the latest developments in Aden as a struggle for power.

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