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'Eloquence of the Place' by Syrian Poet Ali Safar

'Eloquence of the Place' by Syrian Poet Ali Safar

Saturday, 20 February, 2021 - 07:30
Eloquence of the Place" by Syrian poet Ali Safar.

The Mosaic publishing house in Istanbul released a new book entitled "Eloquence of the Place" by Syrian journalist and poet Ali Safar.

The book features a bouquet of poems and texts written in 1994 and published for the first time. The introduction of the book is written by Syrian novelist Ibrahim al-Jubain.

"The book is like a key the writer used to open a door to a bridge of fog leading him to the magic of the picture. The camera was his friend, as well as the words. But, the bridge is so long and no one wants to see its end."

In his book, the writer visits different places like Tale' Al Fidda, the stones of Qasioun, and the stairs of Nawfara. It is timeless, so the poetry you read in it does not make you sad or bring you back to an overwhelming nostalgia like the modern Syrian poetry written during the war.

However, "The Eloquence of the Place" keeps you wondering about the tasty bread in those wintery evenings far away from Damascus. Would he return one day to revive the eloquence of that place?" al-Jubain wrote.

Ali Safar is a Syrian journalist and poet born in 1969. He graduated from the school of literature and theater studies. He has many publications including The Eloquence of the Place (1994), Silence (1999), Hunting the Lost Phrase (2004), The City's Child (2012), Mechanical Diaries (2014), and Cinema on the Pavement (2019).

He also wrote many articles in different fields, in addition to several movies and TV programs.

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