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The UAE’s Leading Role, Commitment at the Security Council

The UAE’s Leading Role, Commitment at the Security Council

Wednesday, 5 October, 2022 - 10:15
Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates.

From Sept. 20-26, the UAE participated in the general debate of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, which represents an important opportunity for us to shed light on the country’s established values, pioneering model and constructive vision for international cooperation, security, stability and prosperity.

Our world today is in dire need of spreading hope, optimism, unity, peace and tolerance, which all embody the values of the UAE since its establishment under Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (God rest his soul in peace), for a better tomorrow for future generations.

For us in the UAE, the slogan for this stage should focus on “peace, recovery and prosperity”, within the framework of an open world order, based on the rules of international law and a solid network of international relations, in which we forge new paths for joint cooperation in the fields of economy, sustainable development, advanced technology and scientific research.

Several months ago, the UAE succeeded in presenting a distinguished model of planning, preparation and organization for Expo 2020 Dubai - the most prominent event in the world - with the participation of more than 190 countries and 24 million visitors. Held under the slogan, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, the world exhibition reflected our firm conviction that innovation and progress were the fruit of exchanging ideas and meeting people in new and inspiring ways.

On Sept. 15, 2022, the UAE signed the Abraham Peace Accords with the State of Israel, which was a brave and important move, accompanied by the launching of many initiatives that promote regional integration and develop cooperation in the areas of development and economy in our region.

Today, we are witnessing the emergence of a community for progress in the Middle East, which will form a basis for joint action around major global priorities and enhance stability and security for the peoples of the world and the region.

This is the UAE, always looking towards the future, with a firm conviction that the coming period requires a focus on dialogue, cooperation and building bridges to crystallize innovative and lasting solutions to the challenges of the times. Those principles have always charted the path of the UAE since its founding, and continue to be the basis of the wise leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.

The UAE, after being elected as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the period 2022-2023, assumed a prominent role in addressing some of the critical challenges of our time, such as encouraging peaceful conflict resolution, prioritizing humanitarian relief, maintaining peace, addressing global health crises, and harnessing the potential of innovation, as well as developing the international system to combat terrorism, supporting gender equality, empowering women and promoting their equal and meaningful participation in conflict resolution and peace processes.

During its participation in the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, the UAE explained its vision to promote stability and comprehensive political solutions in the Middle East and around the world, combat threats posed by the cross-border activities of terrorist groups, spread tolerance and a culture of peace, support relief and humanitarian assistance, and achieve political stability and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, strengthen energy security, and encourage the implementation of the sustainable development goals.

There is no doubt that climate change has become a priority for all of us, as it has become an existential threat. We must all work quickly towards a carbon-neutral future. In this regard, the UAE announced its goal to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050 as part of its vision to support the use of clean energy.

The UAE is preparing to participate in the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh and is coordinating with the brothers in Egypt for the success of the conference.

The UAE is also preparing to host COP28 in 2023 to enhance climate diplomacy and achieve the aspirations of the country as well as the international community in addressing climate change. It has become clear that investing in renewable energy means investing in the economy, international peace and security and the best for future generations.

The UAE is committed to building bridges, strengthening economic and development partnership, raising the level of trade exchange, sharing knowledge, building capabilities, and boosting cooperation with countries in sectors of common interest.

The country is moving rapidly to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of its economy and explore new opportunities, based on its firm conviction that strong multilateral partnerships pave the way for more prospects for the peoples of the region and open a wide horizon for vital economic development.

In order to support this vision and aspirations, the UAE has signed comprehensive economic partnership agreements with countries with active economies, such as India, Indonesia and Israel, which open the door for more development opportunities in the region as the UAE seeks to become a global hub for investment, economic and cultural innovation.

The UAE has also launched a package of strategic projects and initiatives within the “Projects of the 50”, which aim to accelerate internal and external growth, and provide momentum for investment in digital and circular economies, as well as sectors based on artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The UAE strongly supports the use of information technology and artificial intelligence, and is investing significant resources in building capacity among young people as part of its future vision for scientific and human advancement. This has enabled the country to achieve remarkable progress in this field.

In the space sector, the UAE is continuing its passion and interest in space and its sciences. The country is preparing to launch a spacecraft to the moon next November, while Emirati Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi will join a space mission as part of a NASA crew, to become the first Arab astronaut to spend six months in space.

This comes after the UAE fulfilled a historic achievement, with the arrival of the UAE’s Mars Exploration Project, Hope Probe, to the orbit of Mars in February 2021.

This accomplishment sent a message of hope to young people in the Arab world, and reflected the aspirations of the UAE and the Arab and Islamic peoples for a brighter future.

In order to bolster the economic environment and the investment and commercial infrastructure in the country and support the security and stability of society, the UAE recently launched the largest project to improve federal legislation, which included more than 40 laws, as a basis for moving towards broader horizons of progress and sustainable development.

The UAE has made important legislative changes in line with its international aspirations and commitments, and launched the National Human Rights Commission to strengthen the state system, in addition to its vision to remain an open and tolerant destination, where more than 200 nationalities live and work.

The country has also made great strides in promoting and guaranteeing the rights of workers, women and children, establishing domestic legal frameworks for the people of determination and ratifying additional international human rights conventions.

Externally, the UAE maintains its humanitarian assistance for those affected by natural disasters. Our country is a pioneering model of global human solidarity, by spreading the message of tolerance, unity, and generosity, and extending a helping hand to alleviate the suffering of societies.

The state will continue to work to help those affected, whether through direct support or cooperation with specialized international organizations and partners, to ensure that everyone lives in security and dignity.

In order to face the current threats, our world today is in need of strengthening the values and principles that are conveyed by the UAE, through international cooperation, tolerance, equality, inclusiveness, moderation, flexibility and generosity.

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