Emile Ameen

Space War or Communication with Aliens?

In 1991, Russian General Vladimir Slipchenko coined the term “sixth-generation warfare,” stressing that the era of conventional warfare had ended and that the wars of the future would be fought from a distance through intelligent systems that operate in space.

Slipchenko’s projection was echoed by the famous American futurist and thinker Alvin Toffler. In his insightful book, “War and Anti-War,” he argues that this war was the first real victory for US space technology and mechanics. Costing about $200 billion, it justified France and Britain investing one billion dollars in military space programs.

Why are we now discussing these wars and their relationship with space?

The answer is certainly no secret. Even those who are not specialized in military matters are aware of what has happened since the Chinese balloon was found flying over the United States. Developments are accelerating quickly, especially with the emergence of strange objects over American and Chinese skies. This raises the question if these incidents preludes to sixth-generation battles between the major powers...Or, are these extraterrestrial encounters with aliens seeking to communicate with humankind?

A few days ago, amid the clamor of balloons and objects flying in space, an Australian team of astronomers observed an object orbiting Earth from about 4,000 light-years away.

What is very interesting is that this object transmits audio signals that are picked up by radios every 18 minutes to Earth, and this same object releases a giant burst of energy every three times an hour.
Is there another thinking civilization trying to make contact with Earth and send us a message?

Eyes have turned to the apprehension surrounding the answer. It comes from within the United States of America, the first country to initiate the militarization of space after President Ronald Reagan announced the Strategic Defense Initiative (nicknamed the Star Wars Program) on March 23, 1983.

With the emergence of a number of these unidentified objects - if we believe they are indeed unidentified - Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Northern Command General Glen VanHerck has refused to rule out any potential source of the unidentified objects shot down by US forces, including the extraterrestrial. “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything,” he said.

Did VanHerck say something he should not have?

It is no secret to say that a lot of ink has covered the pages of dozens of books about the existence of a special relationship between aliens and the government of the United States of America. The secrecy around Area 51 in the Nevada desert remains. No one wants to solve this riddle, and President Eisenhower likely witnessed these meetings.

About a year ago, a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center in Washington that involved ten thousand participants showed that 65 percent of the respondents believed in the existence of intelligent extrastriatal beings.

It is known that in the summer of 2021, the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) Inspector General had to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the mysterious objects and UFOs that have emerged over US skies since the end of World War II after an explicit request from the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

However, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s statements last Monday unequivocally pushed back against the idea ​​that these objects were tied to extraterrestrial beings. “There is no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns,” she said after the US military shot down a group of unidentified objects.

The confusion within the United States did not end there. Indeed, it escalated after the statements of the Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council. “We have no specific reason to suspect that they were conducting surveillance of any kind,” he said, but refused to rule this out and said that they could not identify the objective of these flying objects.

Three awkward, almost contradictory, statements by the same administration. They have engendered chaos at home and ambiguity abroad, allowing for a return to the idea of sixth-generation warfare and whether humanity is witnessing preludes of worse to come.

With denials of the claim that extraterrestrial beings had sent these objects, the only other option is that this is the first chapter of humanity’s wars in space. We are seeing attempts to establish control and hegemony in outer space.

The idea of domination and sovereignty over the resources of humankind leads us to the ideas of the political geographer Halford Mackinder (1861-1947). His theory was that Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe made up the core global power, while Africa, the rest of Europe, and Asia were little more than the islands of the world.

Mackinder claimed that, as a rule, whoever ruled Eastern Europe ruled the heart of the globe and thus controlled the world’s islands. And he who rules the world’s islands controls the world.

One hundred years after Mackinder’s theory, in the middle of this century, our view will have changed. The alternative will be very evident, and the key is before our eyes, in outer space.

Competition for hegemony among the future poles of global power idea will be centered around space. Whoever dominates it will control all the resources on the planet Earth.

What is fascinating about all of this is that whoever exerts more power on the moon will win a great victory in outer space, which raises questions about the various programs that involve reaching the moon. While climate change, the moon’s resources, and scientific experiments have been given as pretexts, they are implicitly part of the effort to militarize the moon, especially at points known as “mascons.” On these spots, the moon’s gravity is equal to that of the Earth. Thus, in theory, military bases can be set up and maintained there for a very long time without needing to be re-supplied with fuel, meaning that they could become crucial sites in the space wars of tomorrow.

Space war or alien adventures… We won’t have to wait long to learn the truth!