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Elias Harfoush

Elias Harfoush

Lebanese writer and journalist

Writer Articles

When Will Lebanon Take Back the South?

The Lebanese government was the last to know about what happened in South Lebanon on Monday.

Identities that Kill Lebanon’s Neutrality

Recent talks about Lebanon’s neutrality are not new, nor are they alien to the calls that many polit

'Caesar' and Bashar’s Delusions of Victory

Erroneous policies have a price that the people usually pay, especially when they are unfortunate en

Lebanon’s Reaching out to the IMF

The Lebanese cannot be blamed if they feel that they have been receiving blows and disasters from al

Returning From Space to a Different Planet

What would the earth look like from above right now, from a spaceship or another planet, for example

Communicating in the Time of No Communication

I am one out of millions quarantined in their rooms because of the coronavirus attack on the human r

The Global Village and the War on the Coronavirus

After becoming a threat to the entire world, as the World Health Organization says, the coronavirus

A Suicidal Task for a Normal Government

Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s task seems just like trying to salvage a drowning person from the botto

This ‘Deal’ Is a Consequence of the Region’s Condition

Much can be said about the “deal of the century” that President Donald Trump presented.

A New Government and the Lebanese Pay the Price

The result of the contest to name the next prime minister, which ended with Dr.

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