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Ghassan Charbel

Ghassan Charbel

Ghassan Charbel is the editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper

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Poverty, Interventions and 'Small Armies'

What is the most expressive picture of the future of the Middle East?

Maps With Immunity Deficiency

The past years have taught us the scale of the tragedy that awaits the citizens of the maps that are

Egypt, Turkey, and the Libyan Test

What does Erdogan’s Turkey want from its direct military intervention in Libya?

A Drop of Humility and Complicity

The Libyans are lost. They cannot predict when Libya will return to itself.

Mohsen Ibrahim and the Dying Beirut

At first, I tried not to believe what I saw and heard. I wished it was a TV prank.

Hmeimim in the Era of Huawei

His advisors left him as the night fell. They are not worried about him.

The Commander of the Great Coup

Our neighbor has forgotten that we live in a world that saw the rise of the coronavirus killer. F

Trump, Xi, and The Pandemic Symptoms

This is a season of great fear across maps and continents.

Land of Two Ambassadors

Mustapha Kadhimi knows that he became prime minister at a critical time.

The Silk Road and the Corona Way

We heard this phrase before: “The world will not be the same again.” No one has denied the veracity

The Monster, the Fear and the Tough Decisions

In the time of the coronavirus pandemic, fear is the first citizen...

The Price of Being Stuck in the Hurricane

At first glance, many thought that the black cloud would soon be gone.

The Depressing Revolving Walls

* How do you feel these days? - When death becomes the only item on the agenda, man has no other pu

Khaddam, the Gloomy Tunnel and Coronavirus

Coronavirus took over everything.

Dreaming of a Less Brutal World

Someday, a writer will say that he hinted years ago of an epidemic that would ravage the planet and


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