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Al Shariqa Al Thaqafiya Magazine: Arabic Language, Challenges of the Era

Al Shariqa Al Thaqafiya Magazine: Arabic Language, Challenges of the Era

Friday, 3 June, 2022 - 08:30

The 68th edition of Al Shariqa Al Thaqafiya Magazine, curated by the Sharjah Culture Department, has been released.

“The Islamic arts are known for resilience and flow that allowed them to overcome many obstacles, and renew their identity through cultural blending and exchange,” read the editorial.

In his article “Our Arabic Language… Challenges of the Era”, editor-in-chief Nawaf Younes discussed major problematics that are facing, affecting, and challenging the Arabic language.

“We see that binary our classic Arabic language has with the slang Arabic; it’s a challenge we see across our Arab region. Our mother language includes another language that promotes different accents among us,” he explained.

Yakzan Mustapha wrote about al-Battani, an Arabic math scientist, who created the geometric concepts and equations, while Walid Ramadan wrote about Prince Leone Caetani, founder of the modern Italian Orientalist School. Suleima Hamdan took the readers in a tour in the Lebanese city of Hasbaya, known for its pottery production and olive trees, and Adel Atiya wrote about Banha, the Egyptian city of honey, antiquities, and flower-based perfumes.

In the “Literature and Novelists” section, we read Dr. Mohammed Saber Arab's article about “Hamed Ammar, leader of the Arab pedagogues”, who inspired the young Arabic generations. We also read several articles including “Nicholas Ziade: One of Best Arab Historians in 20th Century” by Abdul Rahman al-Hloush; and “World of Novelist Suleiman al-Shati…Best short story writer in Kuwait” by Amira al-Miligi.

This issue also explored the experience of Algerian author Al Hbib al-Saleh in an article by Dr. Hani Mohammed.

Nabil Suleiman wrote about the project that documents the immigration literature and its revival, while Dr. Reda Atiya shed light on the experience of Majid Toubia and his project. Zakaa Maredly discussed the experience of poet Suleiman al-Issa, while Tharaa Hani showcased the works of Khalifa al-Talisi, a prominent contributor to the intellectual and literary movement in Libya.

The "Under Light Circle” section includes the following articles: “Between Two Cultures…Zaki Najib Mahmoud and New Cultural Formula,” by Najlaa Maamoun; “Hanged Mirror…From Explanations to Al-Hajjaj’s Eloquence” by Abrar al-Agha; “Praise of Heroism between Drama and Symbolism (in the novel ‘Sea Stories’)” by Mustapha Ghanayem; and “Awareness Current in Novels (in the novel ‘Good Enough’)” by Dr. Huwaida Saleh.

The also issue included several short stories and translations of Arabic novels including “The Story of Letters” by Sulaf Hilal, and “Reflections on Roaming Soul”, short story by Awatef al-Jarouf.

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