Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani 
The Prime Minister of Iraq

Ending the War on Gaza is Iraq's Key Priority

"We reaffirm our unwavering stance regarding the Palestinian right to establish an independent state with Al-Quds as its capital."

This is Iraq's steadfast position, reiterated at the United Nations General Assembly in September this year. It remains the cornerstone of our support for the Palestinian cause, aimed at ensuring the Palestinian people's legitimate rights, peace, independence, security, and sovereignty in their own state.

Today, we stand by this principle following the tragedy at al-Ahli Baptist Hospital and the relentless bombardment of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip. This indiscriminate aggression by Zionist forces has resulted in the loss of thousands of lives.

Recognizing Iraq's historical regional role, Baghdad immediately initiated intense diplomatic efforts upon the outbreak of the conflict in the occupied Palestinian territories. I engaged in a series of telephone conversations with Arab leaders, emphasizing the crucial need for unified Arab and Islamic support for the Palestinian cause. I stressed the importance of de-escalation, upholding human rights, and exerting pressure on the Zionist entity to cease its aggression in the occupied territories and start negotiations that halt the conflict and work towards equitable solutions for the Palestinian people.

During my discussion with US President Joseph Biden, I emphasized the imperative of preventing further escalation in Gaza, halting the bombardment of the Gaza Strip, addressing the deepening humanitarian crisis, facilitating the opening of humanitarian corridors, and ensuring the delivery of essential aid to the people of Gaza, who are enduring the hardships of war and an unjust blockade.

During my visit to Moscow and meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin I called for urgent action in the Security Council to halt the continuing attacks on Palestinian territories.

We continued our diplomatic efforts to engage friendly and brotherly nations, reiterating Iraq's steadfast stance on the Palestinian right to establish an independent state within their national borders. We emphasized the importance of safeguarding the sanctities in Palestinian territories against attempts to eradicate their historical identity, encroachments, and settlement activities. Furthermore, we emphasized Iraq's support for the resilience of civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip and the relief endeavors undertaken by our brothers and friends. We underscored the significance of the international community taking resolute and responsible actions to avert a humanitarian catastrophe that could have profound consequences on the existence of the Palestinian population in their occupied homeland. Additionally, through the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we called for an emergency meeting of the Arab League to provide assistance to the Palestinian people.

Reaffirming Iraq's unwavering commitment to the Palestinian cause, we promptly sent humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip, in collaboration with Egyptian authorities. This aid comprises crucial medical supplies, and urgent humanitarian aid for our Palestinian brothers.

I will attend Egypt international summit, in order to address the dire situation in Gaza and explore ways to support the Palestinian population while preserving their right to remain on their land, and ensuring their security and peace.

During this summit, Iraq looks forward to a unified political stance by the major countries in order to develop a just solution for the Palestinians. We are convinced that Egypt, Iraq, along with other brothers and friends, can play a central role in advancing a political resolution, ending the war, preventing Palestinian displacement, both internally and across borders, and managing the crisis that could potentially escalate into a region-wide conflict if swift, rational actions are not taken.

We will also advocate for the establishment of a unified mechanism among Arab and Islamic nations to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian, medical, and financial assistance to our people in Gaza. In addition, we will call upon the United States and the global community to genuinely address the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people.

Using the balanced relations with regional states and the international community, Iraq will endeavor to exert influence to alleviate the plight of the Palestinian population in Gaza and throughout the occupied territories. Our goal is to pursue resolutions that pave the way for the establishment of the State of Palestine, with Al-Quds as its capital.

Iraq strongly opposes the shift of the Palestinian cause, which is based on rightful land claims and justice for its people, into a mere humanitarian crisis. Baghdad firmly believes that the time has come for the entire Arab and Islamic world to unite in support of the Palestinians, putting an end to their enduring suffering and unending conflict. We seek a just and tangible resolution that upholds all their legitimate rights to establish an independent state with Al-Quds as its capital.