Mohammed Nasser
Arab World Two million Yemeni children face the threat of extreme malnutrition (UN)

World Bank Approves $150 Mn for Better Health, Nutrition in Yemen

The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors has approved an International Development Association (IDA) grant amounting to $150 million as a Second…

Mohammed Nasser (Taiz)
Arab World 75 percent of Yemen's population suffers from fatigue due to the war (United Nations)

98 Int’l Organizations Call for Supporting Peace Opportunities in Yemen

Yemen stands at the historic opportunity for a shift towards lasting peace, said 98 international and national actors delivering humanitarian responses in the…

Mohammed Nasser (Taiz)
Arab World Displaced people in Taiz, Yemen, receive UN aid (AFP)

World Bank: Yemenis Are Living a Bitter Struggle for Survival

The lives of Yemeni people have been marked by hardship, uncertainty, and a bitter struggle for survival, with many resorting to extreme coping mechanisms,…

Mohammed Nasser (Taiz)
Arab World Ethiopian migrants in Yemen call on international organizations to facilitate their return to their homeland (AFP)

Yemeni Authorities Try to Contain Clashes Between Ethiopian Immigrants That Killed 10

The Yemeni security authorities launched a campaign in Aden to contain the bloody clash between Ethiopian immigrants, which killed ten and injured dozens of…

Mohammed Nasser (Taiz)
Arab World Yemen has witnessed a surge of measles cases in the past seven months. (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Measles Deaths Double in Seven Months in Yemen, Says UN

Yemen has witnessed a surge of measles cases in the past seven months, leading to more than 400 deaths and roughly 34,000 infections, according to the World…

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Arab World Forty-three thousand African migrants are stranded in Yemen in miserable conditions. (United Nations)

Tens of Thousands of African Migrants Arrived in Yemen in 2023

Recent UN data has shown a spike in African migrants arriving in Yemen. Around 200,000 who have arrived in the war-torn country with the aim of illegally…

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Arab World Yemenis wait while carrying their bowls to get free food provided by a charity kitchen at a displaced camp in Sanaa. (EPA)

Displacement in Yemen Decreases

Internal displacement in Yemen decreased by 76 percent compared to the pre-truce period, according to UN data. The truce has been active for 17 months. …

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Arab World Houthis’ attempts to break the Yemeni teachers' strike have failed (Teachers Club)

Houthis Replace Tens of Thousands of Teachers with Militants

Yemeni sources in Sanaa have revealed that Houthi militias have replaced up to 36,000 of their sectarian members instead of teachers who fled oppression in…

Mohammed Nasser (Taiz)