Tariq Al-Homayed
Saudi journalist and writer, and former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper

Where Are The Arabs?

This is the scene in the region: Hamas went on venture and then went into hiding as the Israeli machine brutally attacked the defenseless in Gaza. Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia, are flying officials across the globe to help the Palestinians. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood is launching demonization campaigns and accusing them of treachery on social media.
This is happening despite Iran telling Hamas that it would not fight this war on their behalf and demanding that Hamas stifle voices demanding the intervention of Tehran's militias in the region, especially Hezbollah. Nevertheless, the “Brotherhood" along with the online troll army of the Southern suburbs, insists on attacking Saudi Arabia and the moderates.
Given the viciousness and vulgarity of the campaign and how many people have been drawn into it - some of whom were not invited to an event in Riyadh and perhaps had been promising themselves something out of it - one would think this was the final battle.
In truth, it is not the final battle. No observer could fail to notice that this ongoing battle is multifaceted and explosive. Indeed, there is a struggle between "the state" and "militias" across the entire Arab region.
There are moderate states trying to develop their countries and help the Palestinians, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, and Morocco. And there are countries run by militias, such as Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and Syria.
While the moderate Arab states are striving to end the Israeli war and address the repercussions of Hamas's misadventure, we find the countries controlled by militias busy raising slogans and attacking the moderate states, fueled by an inflammatory, unhinged, and vulgar Muslim Brotherhood propaganda machine.
They are indifferent to what happens the day after the Gaza war and the war’s implications for the people of Gaza, who face a real threat of being displaced. The death of 12,000 or even 20,000 people doesn't concern them, as Khaled Meshaal said, "We want blood and lost souls."
No voice can rise above that of betrayal and insults. This question is repeated: Where are the Arabs? In truth, the moderate Arabs are busy trying to stop this wretched war. They are also continuing to build their states, while Iran's allies and the Muslim Brotherhood try to stab them in the back and betray them.
This crazy picture resembles the madness of what falsely came to be known as the Arab Spring. The escalation suggests that the region is fighting one of its last battles. However, the reality is that battles are here to stay, and they will expand so long as these militias and the ideology of the Brotherhood remain.
The battle will continue as long as this deception continues, and so long as wars are trivialized, human costs are downplayed, and the loudest voices call for bloodshed rather than life. They betray the Arabs and avoid criticizing Tehran, which has said it will not fight on behalf of Hamas.
The battle will continue as long as they seek to hinder our projects and suspend our lives with baseless excuses and lies. For example, they constantly attack everything related to football and concerts, while ignoring the fact that extending the operating hours of nightclubs and dance halls was among the first decisions taken by the Muslim Brotherhood when they came to power in Egypt in 2013.
At the time, they justified this step with claims that it supported the economy and tourism. However, now they are launching demonization campaigns and accusing our countries of betrayal. These campaigns had been waged before the Gaza war, and they will continue after it ends. Can we ever trust such people? Of course not.
We must confront and expose them. So, when they ask, "Where are the Arabs?," we should reply that the Arabs are defending the Palestinians around the world, while you are spreading propaganda and lies, betraying our countries in favor of militias and their backers. The people of Gaza and its victims are the last of your concerns.