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    • Mshari Al-Zaydi

      Mshari Al-Zaydi

      Opinion: Agents Working For Iran

      The Specialised Criminal Court in the Saudi capital Riyadh sentenced 15 people involved in an Iranian spy cell made up of 32 people to death yesterday. Two other people were acquitted and 15 other…
    • David Ignatius

      David Ignatius

      The 'Third Offset Strategy'

      The Pentagon has begun briefing key allies on plans for advanced weapons technologies aimed at offsetting Russian and Chinese military gains. But the next round of these discussions is on hold,…
    • Paul Krugman

      Paul Krugman

      Seduced and Betrayed by Donald Trump

      Donald Trump won the Electoral College (though not the popular vote) on the strength of overwhelming support from working-class whites, who feel left behind by a changing economy and society. And…
    • Samir Atallah

      Samir Atallah

      Opinion: Unified Symbols

      There are names and titles in the world’s literature that are recollected in every era by almost all writers. For example, the “Trojan Horse” is an example of a mysterious conspiracy. “Romeo…

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People ride a tricycle as they flee deeper into the remaining rebel-held areas of Aleppo, Syria December 7, 2016.
Middle East

Six Western Countries Press on Moscow, Tehran, Damascus to Accept U.N. Plan

Washington- The leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the U.S.A. have declared readiness to consider additional restrictive … 0 28


President-elect Donald Trump met with retired Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly on Nov. 20 at Bedminster Township,

Trump Picks Gen John Kelly to Lead Homeland Security

Washington – President-elect Donald Trump picked General John Kelly to head the Department of Homeland Security, to be the third … 0 18


A ship carrying 60 people drowned off Yemen coast while sailing from Hadramout provincial capital, Mukalla, to Socotra Island.
Middle East

35 Survivors from Sinking Cargo Ship off Socotra

Aden-Yemeni authorities, with the help of Arab Coalition forces, have rescued 35 passengers of a cargo vessel that sank off … 0 20

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